Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship from?

Our warehouse is located in The Netherlands.


Which Fab Hab products can be used where?

Our recycled plastic and polypropylene rugs, poufs, and cubes can be used indoors or out seamlessly. Our recycled cotton rugs are recommended only for indoor use.


Are all of the outdoor products UV Protected?

Yes, all of our outdoor products (rugs, poufs, and cubes) have been coated with UV Protection and tested under harsh sunlight to ensure they will not fade. We have stringently worked on developing the best protection possible to ensure a long life span for our products.


What is the lead time on an order?

If the item is in stock we have a 72 hour order window to prepare and process orders before they are shipped out. It does not always take 72 hours to prepare and process an order, but that is the maximum notice we need to provide before the product is shipped. All times after 72 hours are subject to the shipping method/distance and carrier selected.


What is meant by “recycled materials?”

We use recycled materials and manufacturing materials wherever possible to help reduce our carbon footprint. Almost all of our outdoor products are made from recycled plastic materials to help keep plastics out of landfills.


Do you have an order minimum?

No, we believe strongly in our products and their ability to generate repeat sales for our retailers, to support this belief, we offer no minimum orders.

Where are the rugs made?

The rugs are hand made by skilled artisans in India.

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a plastic that is used to make food containers and considered very safe for humans.  Both our World Collection and Estate Collection rugs are made from Polypropylene.  Due to the manufacturing processes the World Collection Rugs retains the platic feel whereas the Estate Collection Rugs provides a cotton like look and softer feel while maintaining the UV protection and stain resistance of a plastic material. This allows for it to transition flawlessly either indoors or out.

Which trade shows does Fab Hab attend?

Currently, Maison Objet and Ambiente are two main tradeshows we attend. Time to time we do participate in additional shows, please email us to check for a particular show.

How Do I Return an Item?

Please visit the “Return” tab located under the, “Orders” heading.


Can I order a custom design?

We do fill custom orders if a large enough quantity is ordered and we are given enough time to prepare the order. Call or e-mail us with any inquiries with regard to custom orders.